Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kim’s evaluation process entail?

Intake paperwork consisting of several questionnaires is sent out before the initial appointment via email. These assessments should be completed by the parent (and child or adolescent when indicated) and brought to the initial session. A “get to know you” interview occurs in the initial intake session to help create an occupational profile and determine preliminary goals. If a full 2-hour evaluation is desired, standardized testing and clinical observation is completed. Initial findings will be shared with the parent and the child/adolescent (as appropriate), and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled before concluding the process.

Why is it necessary to have myself or my child evaluated first? Can’t we skip the evaluation or initial intake appointment and treat what’s going on?

Without first completing an intake or having access to findings from another recent testing (such as neuropsychological or neuro-educational reports), it is too difficult for Kim to determine a baseline of functioning that will allow for individualized, targeted treatment and thus will limit the effectiveness of any therapy being provided.

How often does my child typically need to come for treatment? For how long?

Since every individual’s situation is unique, it is not possible to determine how much coaching or therapy will be required for remediation. Some parents choose to have their child come once a week, while other families opt for bi-monthly or every 3 weeks and engage in a personalized comprehensive home treatment program in the interim weeks. Goals and outcomes will be determined with your input after the initial evaluation, and ongoing monitoring will occur to track progress over time.

Can we engage in family support/mindful parenting without Kim seeing our child for executive functioning coaching or occupational therapy?

Every child or adolescent is a unique individual; family experiences are varied by nature and dynamic. Therefore, the treatment of your child by Kim in tandem is integral to determining what appropriate mindful parenting approaches will best fit your family; recommendations are custom-tailored based on the specific dynamics occurring in your home environment.

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, checks, and Venmo are all accepted forms of payment. Credit cards are accepted via Square.

Do you accept insurance? What can you provide to help with “out-of-pocket” reimbursement?

Kim does not accept insurance. A receipt will be provided at the end of the evaluation and each session that is pre-formatted to provide the necessary information your insurance company requires for “out-of-pocket” practitioners. A referring doctor or your child’s pediatrician can also provide you with a prescription for “occupational therapy evaluation and treatment” that lists an accepted “ICD-10” diagnostic code that you can also submit to insurance; doing it this way may (but not always) help to identify the services as “medically necessary.” It is recommended to first contact your provider directly to determine reimbursement amounts and limitations before receiving any coaching/therapy.

Money is tight. What can I do to get the services my child needs?

Kim cannot offer services at a reduced rate. Payment plans can be negotiated at a pre-arranged rate and scheduled before the initial evaluation. The written evaluation report will be released once payment is received in full.